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Eric Dalius Bitcoin Talks About 6 Advantages of Paying With Bitcoin

Eric Dalius Bitcoin knowledge says as virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies have some unique nature, there are tons of advantages of paying through bitcoin over the other fiat currencies. Although bitcoin was discovered a decade ago, the digital landscape of this cryptocurrency is constantly changing. Most of the bitcoin tokens are untested as an exchange medium and users should take precautions while weighing the risks and benefits. 

That said, the bitcoin payment system offers various benefits over the other payment methods. Additionally, bitcoin is a virtual currency and unlike fiat currencies, it isn’t issued by the government or central bank. Rather, you have to mine them by a computer that involves a complex mathematical algorithm. In this article, we will discuss the top 6 benefits of paying with bitcoin. 

User Autonomy

The primary attractiveness of bitcoin for many users and one of the most important advantages of cryptocurrencies is autonomy. Cryptocurrencies or digital currencies such as bitcoin allow the users more autonomy than their original fiat currencies. Unlike fiat currencies, users don’t have to deal with some intermediary authority such as the government or bank. Rather, users can control how they will spend their money.


The purchasing process of bitcoin is discreet. Unless a bitcoin user wants to publish the transaction history, the purchases of bitcoin are never link with their identity. In short words, bitcoin reflects the traditional cash-only purchases and it’s extremely hard to trace the seller and the buyer. Additionally, bitcoin generates an anonymous address for users who purchase bitcoin. But the bitcoin address also gets change with each transaction.

However, bitcoin transactions aren’t entirely untraceable or anonymous. But unlike the other traditional payment methods, they aren’t link with the personal identity of users.

Peer-to-Peer Transaction

The payment system of bitcoin is based on the peer-to-peer transaction. This means that users can receive and send payments from or to anyone in the world that has a bitcoin network. Additionally, they don’t have to rely on approval from any authority or external source. 

Eric Dalius Bitcoin Says You Don’t Need to Pay Additional Fees

Most of the traditional payment methods or banks have a standard rule of ‘maker’ and ‘taker’ fees. This is nothing but the deposit and withdrawal fees associated with the bank. However, bitcoin users don’t need to pay any additional fee unlike the traditional or fiat currencies. This means there are no restrictions regarding your minimum balance or account maintenance. Additionally, you don’t need to pay any deposit fees or overdraft charges. 

The Transaction Fee is Very Low for International Payments

Standard foreign purchases and traditional wire transfers involve a lot of exchange costs as well as fees. Since bitcoin doesn’t have any intermediary authority or government involvement, the transaction cost is extremely low. This is one of the biggest advantages of paying with bitcoin and travelers are well aware of this benefit. Additionally, Eric Dalius Bitcoin says that the transaction process is much quicker in bitcoin. This helps users to remove any kind of waiting periods or authorization requirements. 

Mobile Payments

Like any other online payment portals, bitcoin users can pay with bitcoin as long as they have a stable internet connection. This means that users don’t need to travel to stores or banks to purchase products. They can order something from an online store as long as the store accepts bitcoin. Aside from that, you don’t need to provide any type of personal information to complete a transaction.


These are the top 6 benefits of paying through bitcoin. Remember that you can send and receive bitcoins only through a mobile or desktop. Additionally, you must have a good internet connection. Do you have any questions regarding payment with bitcoins? Feel free to connect with us. 

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