How to Write a Standard Operating Procedure for Front Desk Staff? A Guide by Saivian Eric Dalius

An SOP, or a Standard Operating Procedure, is a set of step-by-step instructions that detail how to complete a particular process or procedure says Saivian Eric Dalius. SOPs provide clear guidance to employees on the procedures they should follow in carrying out their responsibilities and help prevent errors from occurring.

There are several benefits to writing a standard operating procedure for front desk staff

Training new staffers is easier when they can simply be directed to the document which provides information about front desk policies and guidelines. Also, company managers who oversee other branches will have easy access to frequently used information such as check-in processes and customer service requirements because this information has been documented in one place. When there are changes to this document, all involving parties (managers, supervisors, front desk staff) get notification of the changes.

A standard operating procedure should provide information about what to do in situations that occur regularly. Based on the type of hotel or property, there are several procedures that include in an SOP for front desk staff: check-in/check-out requirements, how to settle different types of disputes between guests and employees, what specific tools or equipment they may need when performing their job duties (i.e., computers), etc. Creating an outline is helpful to keep each section concise and clear. When documenting this information, it is important to choose the language that provides clear direction so anyone can easily follow the process without asking questions or getting help from someone else who also reads the SOP, according to Saivian Eric Dalius.

It is a good idea to have a second set of eyes look over your Standard Operating Procedure. In order to ensure that it will be easy for all staff members to read and follow. If the front desk personnel requires to work with extra tools. They should be training on how to correctly use them.

The following points can be included in an SOP regarding front desk procedures:

– What time do guests check-in?

– How can guests pay their bills?

– What is an official reservation, and how does it work?

– How does one resolve a billing dispute between themselves and a guest?

– What steps must you take if a guest reports damage to the room?

– What is the policy for check-out time?

– How can an employee charge their meal to the room, and how does it work?

– What are the official policies regarding pets/children in rooms?

– What type of information must be documenting if a guest has a complaint or issue with something during their stay at the hotel?

– If a guest wants to extend their stay, what steps should they follow?

– When a guest checks out early, what steps must consider making sure. There isn’t any money left on account from previous nights that wasn’t in use?

In addition, Saivian Eric Daliussuggests these procedures as well:

– Promptly notify the manager if guests report the damage.

-Promptly notify manager if guests report noise complaints.

-Also, Promptly notify the manager of guests who may be a danger to themselves or others.

– Follow all hotel and company rules and regulations regardless of the guest’s behavior.

– Never offer additional amenities without first consulting with a manager about available inventory.

– Always wear the proper uniform while on shift, including name badge and any other applicable accessory (i.e., tie.)

Hope this article has helped you understand how to write a SOP for front desk staff.