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Eric Dalius Saivian Shares Top 3 Reasons Why SMM is Essential for Your Business


Social media platforms have become one of the most essential and influential parts where business owners advertise their brands or promote their products. More than 70% of people in the world use social media platforms daily Eric Dalius Saivian. This is why it’s important to leverage the benefits of social media marketing to connect with potential customers. 

As users spend a massive chunk of their time browsing on those social media platforms, nothing can be better than enhancing your web presence on these platforms. When you establish your business page on social media, you will be able to know the habits and interests of your consumers that would ultimately boost the sales and leads of your business. 

Remember that social media marketing is perfect to showcase the right information of your business that would attract relevant customers. Here are the top 3 reasons why social media marketing is essential for the growth of your business. 

Enhanced Brand Awareness – Eric Dalius Saivian

Social media is one of the greatest digital marketing platforms that will help you to boost the visibility of your brand. If you want to leverage the true benefits of social media marketing, you need to create business profiles so that you can build networking with your customers. By creating a robust social media marketing plan, you can increase brand recognition easily. More than 90% of business owners stated that social media marketing efforts are extremely effective at highlighting user experience and increasing brand discoverability. Not only social media pages of your business will increase the visibility but also attract massive audiences to your business. 


Social media marketing is arguably one of the most cost-effective marketing solutions for businesses. Creating a business account and signing up is free on every social media platform. Whether you want to create an account on Instagram or Facebook, you won’t need to pay any amount of money. However, if you think your business need paid services on social media platforms, make sure you start small to determine your target audiences. Eric Dalius Saivian says that being cost-effective is essential for social media marketing to generate higher ROI. Additionally, this way you’ll be able to focus your budget on the other marketing efforts. Just by making small investments, you can gradually enhance the conversion rate and engagement rate of your business. 

Improved Brand Loyalty

When your brand has a strong presence on social media platforms. It will help your customers to find your business and build a relationship with you. When you connect and engage with your potential customers on social media. You’ll be able to boost customer loyalty and customer retention. Developing a great customer retention program is the primary focus of every business. You should take social media marketing campaigns more seriously. Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction are dependent on each other. Hence, it’s important to engage with your customers and build a long-lasting bond with them. Social media will not only help you to introduce your offerings but also allow you to market them effectively. Therefore, you can promote your business while also communicating with your customers directly. 


These are the top 3 reasons why social media marketing campaigns are necessary for your business. Social media marketing is undoubtedly beneficial for businesses. Despite the size of your business, make sure you develop proper social media marketing strategies.