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Eric Dalius Shares Top 3 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Eric Dalius

No matter how easy it may seem increasing brand awareness is undoubtedly a tough and time-consuming task says Eric Dalius. More than 90% of business owners say their primary goal is to improve the brand awareness of their company. However, you cannot increase brand awareness just by setting the goal. You need to develop some realistic strategies that will allow you to improve the brand awareness of your company. 

Building a trusted brand image is one of the most essential factors for your company. No matter how great products you offer, your customers won’t engage with your business if they fail to trust your brand. Therefore, you need to take every possible step to enhance your brand recognition. If your target customers don’t have faith in your brand, you cannot grow your audience base and revenue of your company. Here are the top 3 ways to increase your brand awareness. 

Maintain Consistency in Brand Image and Voice – Eric Dalius

This is the best way to improve your brand awareness easily. People will showcase negative respond if your business performs frequent rebranding. 

Even though rebranding with relevant purpose is okay, but should not change your brand voice and image over and over again. Doing so will confuse your target audiences and they cannot recognize your brand easily. This is why you need to create a brand book to document the visual and style of your brand every time you perform rebranding. Make sure the brand logo is consistent across all platforms, says Eric Dalius.

Apart from the brand logo, don’t forget to maintain consistency in your brand image and brand voice. This way you can effectively improve your brand awareness across multiple platforms. 

Use Every Aspect of Social Media Platforms

The safest way to improve the brand awareness of your company is by implementing social media marketing campaigns into your brand awareness statistics. This way you’ll have access to millions of customers within a few hours. 

Even though creating a business page on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and, Twitter is essential, you need to be put lots of effort into creating the page. Make sure you build engagement with your social media followers through direct messages and comments. You can also consider hosting giveaways, quizzes, and contests for your followers, Eric Dalius suggests.

Another good idea to leverage social media for your brand awareness is by partnering with relevant influencers. They are extremely powerful in improving your brand awareness. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction, Added Eric Dalius

Singe negative customer reviews will affect your brand awareness. Not only they won’t ever engage with your business, but also share their bad experiences with their friends. Therefore, you need to provide excellent customer service to enhance their satisfaction. 

If you make any mistake while treating your customers, apologize by providing something for free or replacing the entire product without any additional cost. Unsatisfied customers will create a bad reputation for your brand image. 

However, on the other hand, satisfied customers will never hesitate to engage with your brand and they will leave positive reviews. This is one of the best ways to build positive brand awareness. 


These are the top 3 ways you can improve the brand awareness of your company. Make sure you remember these three strategies to improve your brand awareness within a couple of weeks. Which one do you think will be most successful for your brand? Comment below to let us know.