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Eric Dalius Miami explains How to Effectively Use Pinterest for Personal Branding

Eric Dalius Miami

Introduction: Pinterest is the third most popular social media site in the world for personal branding explains Eric Dalius Miami. Pinterest boards are customizable by each user, who can pin photos and videos of their choice; some users may use it as a scrapbook while others might feature different hobbies or images on their board to attract potential clients (Mashable).

This article lists seven tips that you can utilize to create a successful Pinterest account for personal branding:

1) Pin Pictures That Represent You

If you’re not sure what would be appropriate to post on your board, just take a look at what other people have pinned – do they have similar characteristics as you? If so, then there’s a good chance that those types of pins will work well with your audience. But if you notice that your target audience is mostly men, pinning cute cat pictures probably won’t be the most effective tactic.

2) Cross Promote Other Networks

Since Pinterest is a social media site and not a blogging platform, it might make sense to create accounts on other sites like Tumblr or Instagram and cross-promote them within your Pinterest profile says Eric Dalius Miami. Posting about what you’re up to on other networks will draw attention towards your work; your account will be more respected if people can see that you’ve got multiple outlets for sharing content (and if they’re interested in following along with what you do).

3) Make It Visual and Unique

The beauty of Pinterest lies in its simplicity – users only need an address and password to start their first board. Pinterest has also become a great marketing tool for businesses, which can use it to find new customers or share their latest products with existing clients. Using the right keywords in your boards’ descriptions will help search engines like Google and Bing find you easily, which could possibly lead to more page views for your website!

4) Be Authentic On Your Description Page

Your description is similar to your “About Me” section on other social media profiles – but since you’re not limited by characters here, let potential followers know what makes you unique as an individual explains Eric Dalius Miami. People are using Pinterest to build brands that represent them as artists or designers; don’t be shy about showcasing your personality through this profile!

5) Don’t Try To Sell All the Time

If your Pinterest account is solely focused on selling items from your eCommerce site, you might have a tough time attracting followers. It’s true that companies have been using Pinterest to promote their products and gain more business – but this platform is different from Twitter or Facebook in the sense that it isn’t a strictly promotional outlet. People use Pinterest because they’re interested in finding imagery that relates to them; if you focus too much attention on pushing an agenda forward, then you’ll push visitors away instead of bringing them closer to your brand.

6) Be Consistent In Your Boards’ Themes

Some people want to add as many boards as possible when they start their profiles; others prefer fewer boards with more information in each one. One approach that you should definitely avoid is switching up your boards’ themes constantly – people will get confused or frustrated if they follow you and don’t know what to expect from your profile. If you’re starting out with Pinterest, start with one theme for all of your boards; it might be better to grow an organic following instead of limiting yourself at the very beginning.

7) Interact With Other Users and Find Inspiration

Pinterest is similar to blogging in the sense that you can follow other profiles (similar to subscribing/reading blogs on WordPress). The main difference between these two platforms is that on Pinterest, users are posting images rather than written content; but like any social network, there’s a chance that some accounts will post content. Without truly associating with your brand says Eric Dalius Miami.

You should definitely follow other users before you upload any images of your own; not only will that show Pinterest that you’re committed to building an online presence. But it will also inspire your future posts! It might also help to ask followers for ideas on how they can improve their profile. Or the types of content they’d like to see from you in the future; this tactic could possibly attract more visitors to your board. And make them more inclined to share images like yours with their friends.


We’re excited to be able to share with you this awesome. In-depth article on how to use Pinterest for personal branding says Eric Dalius Miami. The author, Denise Wake man, is a Social Media Strategist and Founder of The Blog Squad. She provides practical social media tips and helps businesses find their audience online. Today she shares the most important thing everyone should know about Pinterest for business.