How to Foil Online Thieves and Hackers by Securing Your Bitcoin Wallet – A Brief Guide by Eric Dalius Miami

Eric Dalius Bitcoin knowledge says With the huge rise in Bitcoin’s popularity among customers in Miami, one of the nation’s most prosperous regions, there has been a steady rise in the number of Bitcoin wallet theft incidents that have been extremely concerning. A few practical tips on keeping on Bitcoin wallet protected from online thieves and hackers:

Decide to Use Hardware Wallets

Choosing a Bitcoin wallet from among the many available can be tough. However, if you are scared of online thieves and hackers stealing your valuable Bitcoins, you should opt for a hardware wallet that typically comes in a USB-like device. These devices come with pre-installed security features, including high-level encryption, that act to protect your cryptocurrency from being stolen. Also known as cold storage, these offline wallets are more secure since they are not connected to the internet, which means hackers cannot mount attacks easily.

Don’t Store Your Private Key Online, Advises Eric Dalius Miami

One of the most effective ways of securing your Bitcoin wallet is to make it a habit not to store your personal key online. Often hackers may encounter these keys if they have been able to infiltrate your email or other online storage. And use the information to steal your Bitcoins. Eric Dalius Bitcoin observes It may be better to store the personal key in any offline mode of storage so that it cannot be accessed by online miscreants. However, you must then take steps to keep it encrypted or coded such that that it cannot easily fall into the hands of someone else who can use it for profit, warns Eric Dalius Miami.

Always Ensure You Use a Secure Internet Connection 

Even though it may be convenient to use a public internet connection. They are typically vulnerable to security breaches that can prove costly. If you do want to transact with your Bitcoins when you are on the go. It is better that you use your mobile phone to connect to the internet than using a public network. It is a good policy to use for transmitting any confidential information, financial or otherwise so that you are safe from the security breaches possible in an open network.

Keep Bitcoin and Antivirus Software Up to Date

By using the latest version of the Bitcoin software. You ensure that you can take advantage of the protection and stability offered by the latest updates and security patches. These can help to prevent many different kinds of problems, including security issues. Not only the Bitcoin software. But also all other software used in your computer should also be kept updated to make it more difficult for hackers to gain control of your computer. Similarly, you must make it a point to keep your antivirus software updated and perform system scan periodically.


Cyber attacks are a fact of life. But you can keep hackers and online thieves at bay simply by raising your awareness level. And taking proper steps to secure your wallet and computer. It is vital to keep up to speed with all the latest software. And security fixes to maintain a high level of security.

Eric Dalius Bitcoin Shares 5 Key Reasons behind the Popularity of Bitcoin in Miami

Eric Dalius Bitcoin awareness says virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins have become one of the hottest topics of discussion. In the present day, most people in Miami are aware of the benefits of bitcoin. They are even changing their fortune after purchasing bitcoin from a trusted source. 

However, not all of them know the secret behind the huge success of bitcoin. Bitcoin hasn’t gained popularity in a month. Moreover, bitcoin took almost 10 years to show its real potential. According to many experts, the value of bitcoin will dramatically rise in the future.

In this article, we will discuss 6 key reasons bitcoin gained so much popularity. Explore the reasons by reading the article.

The Fees are Very Low

One of the major reasons behind the success and popularity of bitcoin that the fees associated with bitcoins are very low. When you’re using other modes of online payment methods, you need to pay a large number of fees. However, unlike other online payments, you won’t have to deal with these massive fees when you use bitcoin. This will make bitcoin an ideal choice for your transaction. This is the main reason why people in Miami nowadays paying for items online through bitcoin.

Bitcoin Isn’t Associated with World Governments

Another reason people love bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies because they aren’t associated with any governments in the world. This means that no government in the world can stop bitcoin. Additionally, the value or price of bitcoin will not fluctuate if there is some disaster in a country. Apart from that, do you know why bitcoin has continued to rise over time? It’s because some investors consider bitcoin as one of the best ways to protect their wealth. As bitcoin is safer than other currencies, this feature makes them more attractive to users. 

Eric Dalius Bitcoin Says That You Can Gain Massive Profit

The massive profit gain within a short period is another reason behind the success of bitcoin. For instance, if you purchase a bitcoin while the market price is lower, you will gain huge profit once the market price starts rising. Many people apply this strategy to invest in bitcoin and end up making a huge profit within days. Moreover, bitcoin investors are still receiving profit as the market is expanding continuously. 

Bitcoin is Secure

Bitcoin not only protects your money but also your identity. As the transaction process on bitcoin is based on a peer-to-peer process, it’s extremely hard to track the identity of both the sender and the receiver. Hence, using bitcoins to pay for online things is a lot safer than other payment options such as debit cards, credit cards, or traditional fiat currencies. This security is one of the most important things that helped bitcoin to gain such popularity.

Bitcoin is Easier to Use

Using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is extremely easy to use, says Eric Dalius Bitcoin. You might have noticed that more websites and online companies are accepting bitcoin as their primary payment option. Additionally, a new thing called cryptocurrency debit card is also popping up in some places. 

You don’t need to give any extra effort to invest in bitcoin. Just choose a preferable exchanging platform and then purchase bitcoin. This is why bitcoin is gathering more awareness. 


These are the 5 key reasons behind the success of bitcoins. Remember that bitcoin is the future of cryptocurrencies. People who are approving bitcoin are also adapting to some famous technological innovations like blockchain. Now that you know investing in bitcoin is an easy process, it’s the perfect time to start your investment.  

Some Popular Bitcoin Misconceptions Clarified by Eric Dalius Miami

In addition to a salubrious climate that attracts tourists from all over the world. Miami is also considered one of the best places for economic activity. It also has one of the highest concentrations of billionaires in the world. Not unsurprisingly, many of the affluent investors, in addition to private equity. And wealth management firms that have set up shop in Miami, have looked to Bitcoin to deliver a lucrative ROI. With many investors making quick money by investing or trading in Bitcoins. It has attracted the attention of many others who unfortunately do not have the same knowledge or expertise and fall prey to many myths and misconceptions surrounding cryptocurrency. Eric Dalius Bitcoin knowledge clarifies some of the most common misconceptions:

The Only Use of Bitcoin Is Speculation

There is a common perception that Bitcoin has no practical use and is only a tool in the hands of speculators in the virtual world. However, the fact is that approximately $10 billion worth of transactions are settled every day by the Bitcoin network. While some of these are for speculative purposes, a bulk of it is for real investment purchases and remittances. It is worth noting that close to one-third of Nigerians use Bitcoins for making peer-to-peer payment transactions. While in some countries like Belarus and Russia, Bitcoin may often be the only way to finance anti-corruption protests and initiatives, observes Eric Dalius Miami.

Bitcoin Mining Is a Huge Waste of Energy

Bitcoin miners consume a huge amount of energy to power their computers to secure their networks and discover new Bitcoins. While this “wasteful” exercise has attracted a lot of criticism. It should be appreciated that these charges are leveled only by those who believe Bitcoin has no use. However, the fact is that the Bitcoin network secures transactions over $1 trillion. And provides an easy, convenient, and secure payment system to millions of people. To lessen the impact of the power consumption. It is common for miners to co-locate to areas that have inexpensive and abundant power, usually renewable energy. According to experts, as much as 39% of the power used by Bitcoin miners currently comes from renewable energy. Efforts are continuing to find more energy-effective solutions.

Instability of Bitcoin’s Value is not a factor, Says Eric Dalius Miami

Admittedly, Bitcoin is more volatile than bonds issued by the government; however, it may not necessarily be a cause of concern. Investors will remember that gold was similarly volatile after it was delink from the monetary system. Even as it was significantly increasing in value, gold remained quite volatile. According to experts, Bitcoin’s evolution is in a price-discovery stage, very much like gold in the 1970s. And even though it witnesses large swings, savvy investors can take it in their stride. However, investors without much resilience may do well to refrain from investing in Bitcoins.


As is common to new things and concepts. Bitcoin too is facing considerable opposition from both the public and various governments. However, given the unarguable benefits of cryptocurrencies, many governments, especially in the west, are changing their views. For example, both the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency are now in favor of Bitcoin.

Why Using Bitcoins Can Be a Good Step for Businesses – Insights by Eric Dalius Miami

Because the concept of cryptocurrency is radical and because it was adopted faster by users of the dark web than others, Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies face a stiff challenge in becoming acceptable by legitimate users, says Eric Dalius Bitcoin experience. Many governments also rose in vociferous opposition because the decentralize nature of the digital currency mean that they would lose their power to regulate it, while others felt that national security would be compromise. However, an increasing number of people and financial institutions believe cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin possess many advantages for both personal and business use. A brief look into the advantages of Bitcoins:

Confidentiality is Assured, Observes Eric Dalius Miami  

The threat of personal data theft when conducting financial transactions or trading online is a big deterrent for many people. However, because Bitcoin is very secure and maintains among the highest possible levels of anonymity.It inspires a lot of confidence. Additionally, your personal financial history stays completely confidential, and there is no possibility of exposure of personal information during any transaction. It means that if you want to remain anonymous while paying for anything, Bitcoin is the currency that merits scrutiny. As of now, the only hitch is finding enough businesses that accept Bitcoins.

Instant Payments and Credits

Because there are no intermediaries involve in the payment system of Bitcoins. All transactions are complete the instant you approve of them. Unlike conventional payment systems, the money is credit immediately to the recipient’s account. Typically, transactions involving banks can take a few days to reflect in your account, says Eric Dalius Miami.

Low Transaction Fees

A significant benefit of using Bitcoins is that they do not have any brokerage charges. This has the effect of reducing the cost of money transfers. That are generally standardize without factoring in the distance or anything else specific to the place you are sending the money. Businesses will also love the fact that if the transaction is within the same cryptocurrency network, there are no transaction costs. You pay only when you receive money from third-party money management services. The nil or low transaction fees are of special benefit to businesses with a high volume of transactions. Travelers are also free from paying high foreign currency exchange transaction costs.

Matchless Security 

One of the biggest benefits of using Bitcoin is that the transactions are highly secure. A common fraud perpetrate by scamsters is reversing the payment for buying products and services after having received them. However, no seller can lose out on the compensation in this way. Because nobody can initiate a reversal of a Bitcoin payment once it has been approved by the payer. Moreover, the use of blockchain technology acts to protect the privacy of users and offers account security of the highest order.


Eric Dalius Bitcoin is evident, the use of Bitcoin can be advantageous to businesses. Especially large businesses, dealing with a large number of customers and with a large volume of transactions. The payments are reflected in the account instantaneously.The cost of the transaction is low, and the system is highly secure. However, business users need to accept Bitcoin only after they understand how it works and how to deal with its volatility.

Eric Dalius Bitcoin Shares 5 Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Eric Dalius Bitcoin experience says there are various conceptions regarding bitcoin investment. Some people think that it’s not wise to invest in bitcoin as the value fluctuates frequently. They also assume that bitcoin is a risky process because of hackers. 

However, experts have a completely different opinion about bitcoin. According to them, the value of bitcoin will rise high in the future. To be honest, they aren’t entirely wrong. The value of bitcoin did increase a tremendous level within 2 years. If you analyze the past statistics, you’ll notice that every time the value of the bitcoin decreased, it jumped twice after recovering. 

You don’t have to worry about investing in bitcoin as it’s one of the extraordinary ways to generate massive profits. In this article, we will discuss 5 legit reasons that make bitcoin worthy of investment. 

The Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Are Being Adopted

Just like other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin has been adopted by our society. Many businesses are using bitcoin as one of the primary currencies. Moreover, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are integrating into the passage of our society. If you want to make a huge profit from bitcoin, it’s suggested to do some research before investing. As the traditional fiat currencies are becoming old and dull, people are looking for faster and non-traceable payment methods such as bitcoin. 

Apart from that, the traditional fiat currencies bring more taxes. However, you can use invest and use bitcoin to alleviate this kind of problem. Not to mention, bitcoin is the future of currencies. 

Eric Dalius Bitcoin Says That Learning about Investment is Easy and Completely Free

In the case of conventional investments, you have to spend a lot of years learning about the basic instructions of investments. You can’t buy some tools and start selling them the next day. Just like this, a beginner can’t start investing in the stock market without researching and learning about the companies. Time is the ultimate form of money and you have to put a lot of time and effort to learn about conventional investment. 

However, learning or researching about the bitcoin investment is super easy and free. You don’t have to pay any kind of extra money to learn about bitcoin. You just have to use a platform to gain knowledge about bitcoins. One can also understand some hidden statistics regarding bitcoin which will help you with the investment process. Learning about bitcoin investment is less time-consuming compared to other investments. 

The Price Will Go Higher

As people are noticing the benefits of bitcoin, they are investing more and more money in the bitcoin market. This is a very helpful aspect for bitcoin investors, added Eric Dalius Bitcoin. The value and demand of bitcoin are increasing as more people are using bitcoin cryptocurrency as their primary currency. This is the main reason why the price of bitcoin is going higher and it will reach an unimaginable position in few years. 

The Authority of Bitcoin

Do you know that there are various cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin? Many cryptocurrencies such as Etherium and Dogecoin are leveraging new marketing tactics to help their users. However, bitcoin is the peak of the pyramid as it’s the backbone of all the other major cryptocurrencies. As bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to ever introduce in the market, it has the ultimate edge over the others. 

Governmental Support

Remember that not a single company or government owns bitcoin. Do you why bitcoin is gaining extreme popularity? It’s because bitcoin is nothing but a public currency. However, the government must approve bitcoin to use them. Though bitcoin isn’t owned by any government, almost all the governments in the world have approved bitcoin for public people. This means that it’s not illegal to use bitcoin anymore. As the security of bitcoin is extremely high, it has won the trust of many governments. 


These are the 5 reasons to invest in bitcoin cryptocurrency. Despite the huge success of bitcoin, it has never been involved in any kind of scamming or false information. As we mentioned above, bitcoin is legal and you’ll face no difficulties while investing. A few years from now, bitcoin will undoubtedly become the most powerful currency in the world. 

Eris Dalius Bitcoin Speaks About Top 7 Benefits of Using Bitcoin

Bitcoin, which came into existence in 2009, is no more a tool for attracting and persuading customers and facilitating instant payments. It has moved far beyond that. Eric Dalius Bitcoin experience says currently, more than 80,000 companies have already implemented bitcoin in their business. Some popular among those are Microsoft, Overstock, Starbucks, and many more. 

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is a huge supporter of Bitcoin and has been trying to convince the city to get onboard and integrate Bitcoin to make Miami the crypto capital of the world. In February 2021, Mayor Francis Suarez proposed a resolution that consists of the 3 following points-

  • Paying employees in bitcoin.
  • Paying local taxes and fees in bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency.
  • To make bitcoin an acceptable currency to potentially invest in the future.

When so much is going on with Bitcoin in Miami, let us discuss some top benefits of using the same. 

Lower Risks of Fraud

Most credit cards fail to offer a certain degree of facelessness to their users. However, according to Eric Dalius Bitcoin acts like digital cash and thereby lowers the risk of fraud for its buyers. Using Bitcoin people can complete their transaction payments without disclosing any sensitive financial information such as credit card or debit card details to the sellers.

Low or No Inflation Risks

The decline in the purchasing power of a given currency over time is called inflation. It generally occurs due to a rise in the general level of prices. 

However, with Bitcoin, there is no risk of inflation. Being finite, bitcoin has a fixed limit of around 21 million dollars and so it mitigates the risk of inflation as there are no possibilities of issuing excess currency.

Low Transaction Fees

Most small businesses like Bitcoin particularly because of this feature. Compared to the transaction fees of credit card and debit card payments, transaction fees for Bitcoin payments is very low or negligible.

According to Eric Dalius Bitcoin Eases International Payments

Because of the high cross-border transaction fees, many small companies are reluctant to do international business.

Bitcoin eases the job and makes international payments easier, cheaper, faster, and safer as one does not have to manage too many currency accounts to sell and purchase goods internationally. All that is required is a single Bitcoin wallet.

However, one should remember that bitcoin is still not acceptable in many countries, and in some countries, it is still illegal to use bitcoins.

No Intermediaries Present

The payment system of bitcoin is entirely a peer-to-peer system. One does not require the approval of any third party to make transactions and payments in the bitcoin network.

As there is no involvement of a third party, there is no possibility of getting your coins stolen. Even government cannot seize your coins in any circumstances.

Quick Payments

If a customer asks for a chargeback then their credit cards may get lock for weeks or even more than that due to which many important payments might get delayed.

But, this does not happen with bitcoins. It generally takes two or three business days for a bitcoin settlement to occur. 

Safe to Use

An authentic digital signature is required before performing any bitcoin wallet transaction. Thus, making the bitcoin app completely safe for storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies!


From the above benefits, we can conclude that bitcoin is highly capable of improving business as we know it. So, give your business a boost by using bitcoins. 

Eric Dalius Bitcoin Talks About 6 Advantages of Paying With Bitcoin

Eric Dalius Bitcoin knowledge says as virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies have some unique nature, there are tons of advantages of paying through bitcoin over the other fiat currencies. Although bitcoin was discovered a decade ago, the digital landscape of this cryptocurrency is constantly changing. Most of the bitcoin tokens are untested as an exchange medium and users should take precautions while weighing the risks and benefits. 

That said, the bitcoin payment system offers various benefits over the other payment methods. Additionally, bitcoin is a virtual currency and unlike fiat currencies, it isn’t issued by the government or central bank. Rather, you have to mine them by a computer that involves a complex mathematical algorithm. In this article, we will discuss the top 6 benefits of paying with bitcoin. 

User Autonomy

The primary attractiveness of bitcoin for many users and one of the most important advantages of cryptocurrencies is autonomy. Cryptocurrencies or digital currencies such as bitcoin allow the users more autonomy than their original fiat currencies. Unlike fiat currencies, users don’t have to deal with some intermediary authority such as the government or bank. Rather, users can control how they will spend their money.


The purchasing process of bitcoin is discreet. Unless a bitcoin user wants to publish the transaction history, the purchases of bitcoin are never link with their identity. In short words, bitcoin reflects the traditional cash-only purchases and it’s extremely hard to trace the seller and the buyer. Additionally, bitcoin generates an anonymous address for users who purchase bitcoin. But the bitcoin address also gets change with each transaction.

However, bitcoin transactions aren’t entirely untraceable or anonymous. But unlike the other traditional payment methods, they aren’t link with the personal identity of users.

Peer-to-Peer Transaction

The payment system of bitcoin is based on the peer-to-peer transaction. This means that users can receive and send payments from or to anyone in the world that has a bitcoin network. Additionally, they don’t have to rely on approval from any authority or external source. 

Eric Dalius Bitcoin Says You Don’t Need to Pay Additional Fees

Most of the traditional payment methods or banks have a standard rule of ‘maker’ and ‘taker’ fees. This is nothing but the deposit and withdrawal fees associated with the bank. However, bitcoin users don’t need to pay any additional fee unlike the traditional or fiat currencies. This means there are no restrictions regarding your minimum balance or account maintenance. Additionally, you don’t need to pay any deposit fees or overdraft charges. 

The Transaction Fee is Very Low for International Payments

Standard foreign purchases and traditional wire transfers involve a lot of exchange costs as well as fees. Since bitcoin doesn’t have any intermediary authority or government involvement, the transaction cost is extremely low. This is one of the biggest advantages of paying with bitcoin and travelers are well aware of this benefit. Additionally, Eric Dalius Bitcoin says that the transaction process is much quicker in bitcoin. This helps users to remove any kind of waiting periods or authorization requirements. 

Mobile Payments

Like any other online payment portals, bitcoin users can pay with bitcoin as long as they have a stable internet connection. This means that users don’t need to travel to stores or banks to purchase products. They can order something from an online store as long as the store accepts bitcoin. Aside from that, you don’t need to provide any type of personal information to complete a transaction.


These are the top 6 benefits of paying through bitcoin. Remember that you can send and receive bitcoins only through a mobile or desktop. Additionally, you must have a good internet connection. Do you have any questions regarding payment with bitcoins? Feel free to connect with us.