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Eric Dalius Net Worth Shares 6 Steps to Start a Transportation Business in Miami

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Miami is known as the hub of businesses; many small and large businesses flourish over there that might require transportation services for the delivery of raw materials and goods. And, Miami is also a huge tourist attraction; therefore, the requirement for personal transport will be quite huge. So, starting a transportation business in Miami will be a nice option to grow. But how will you do that? asks Eric Dalius Bitcoin. Well, no need to worry, read this article to know the steps of starting a successful transportation business.

Decide the Type of Service You Will Offer

First, decide who you will serve and what type of transportation service you will offer. Depending upon that your transportation business can be local, global, or personal. There are countless opportunities and if you are finding it difficult to decide then take a survey of your area of operation and figure out what type of transportation is most needed there.

Eric Dalius Net Worth Says to Choose the Right Vehicle

After deciding the type of transportation service, you have to choose the vehicle that is perfect for your service type. If you plan to go for personal transportation then you have to see whether you will provide individual transportation like cabs, limousines, or pool transportation where you will need a bit spacious vehicle. You may also provide transportation service to many businesses that require delivering goods or raw materials within the city or intercity, in that case, you will need a big vehicle or a van to accommodate all the goods. 

Look For Finances

You do not have to look for finance if you already own a vehicle that suits your service type. In case, you do not have one then you have to look for finance to buy or hire a suitable vehicle. 

Eric Dalius net worth suggests not investing in hiring employees and office buildings in the beginning. It will be better if you drive on your own and start your business from your home or garage. By doing this you will cut down the cost of your investment.

Get the Necessary Licenses and Permits

First of all, for the transportation business, you need to have a driving license of your own in case you are driving the vehicle or if you hire a driver then he also must have his driving license.

Now, depending upon the type of transportation service there are 4 types of permits. You need to have good carriages permit for transporting goods and raw materials. For personal transport service, you need to have contract carriages permit. And, for both goods and people, you need to have a casual contract carriage permit. Remember that these permits will expire after a certain period so; do not forget to renew them.

Above all this, remember that for any business that is operating within Miami it is a must for them to get a Miami Local Business Tax Receipt.

Get Your Vehicle and the Goods Insured

Besides your vehicle, it is advisable to also get insurance for the goods that will be carried by it. The insurance cost of both the vehicle and the goods can be high but it is worth it. If you get both your vehicle and goods insured then neither you nor your clients will have to bear any loss in case any damage happens to the vehicle or the goods.

Advertise your Business

Advertising is a crucial part of any business. So, after completing all the above steps, you have to promote your business. As you are doing a transportation business, the best way to promote it is to use vinyl car decals. You may design an attractive car decal with all necessary details about your business printed on it and apply it to your vehicle. Vehicles with attractive decals on it will grab the attention of people wherever it goes. You can also promote your business online by choosing relevant social media platforms.


These are the 5 steps that you must follow to start a transportation business. Follow these steps carefully to start a transportation business of your choice and mostly do not forget to get all the required permits.