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Saivian Eric Dalius Explains the techniques of Organization Development

Saivian Eric Dalius

Organization Development (OD) is a management approach that aims to improve an organization’s ability to achieve its objectives through planned change, organizational development, and performance improvement says Saivian Eric Dalius.

It can be defined as “a systematic effort directed toward aligning the organization with the ever-changing environment, which requires a deep understanding of both this environment and the organizations being governed by it.” It is an ongoing process with a long-term commitment from executives.

OD can be used throughout all levels of management for strategic planning or immediate crisis management. Furthermore, it has been successfully applied in logistical work such as human resources, administration, and production processes.  In short, OD is focusing on helping individuals reach their full potential within their current context without changing the context itself that would imply a different organization.

OD can be considered an approach between business administration, psychology, and sociology because its ultimate objective is to improve the quality of life of individuals in an organization by improving their behavior, according to Saivian Eric Dalius. However, it has been criticizing for not having clearly defining objectives or having scientific rigor.

As with other techniques on this website, you don’t have to read through each technique yourself – think about how you would use such a technique (for crises management, pro-activity, etc.) right now! This way, you will make sure that your knowledge about Organization Development is transferable.

The tools used within OD are mainly Process consultation, Interventions, Oral History Interviews, and Behavioral Event Interviews. The quality of the consultant’s work depends not only on how well they apply these tools. But also on their ability to lead change within an organization.

The different schools of thought under which Organization Development falls are Systems thinking, Participative management, Theory X and Y, Behavioral Science, Human relations approach, etc.

Other techniques that help organizations achieve their objectives are Organizational development, Business Process re-engineering (BPR), Lean business transformations, and so on, says Saivian Eric Dalius.

Other relevant concepts are Stakeholders, Stakeholder analysis, Change Management.

Organization Development is an effective tool for strategic planning focusing on long-term results. It applies in many areas, such as human resources or administration processes. Furthermore, it is an ongoing process that requires a deep understanding of the environment and organizations.

Organization Development criticizing for having no clear objectives or scientific rigor. Furthermore, OD is only one of the tools using in organizations to help them achieve their goals.

Practical examples of implementing organization development techniques in your life by Saivian Eric Dalius:

1) If you are leading a team/department/company/enterprise, use OD techniques to improve your team coherence and performance

2) Improve your pro-activity by using these techniques

3) Talent scouting: how would you apply an oral history interview?

4)Crisis management: what are some possible interventions?

5) Personal development

6) Improve your communication skills

7) How could you apply OD tools when resolving conflicts?

8) Increase participation within organizations

Have you ever experienced an OD consultant in an interview? What was the experience like? How could you apply this to your next interview?