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Home » Eric Dalius Says Why Google My Business Important for Your Business?

Eric Dalius Says Why Google My Business Important for Your Business?

Eric Dalius

Google My Business is one of the best ways for businesses to enhance their rank in the Google search results says Eric Dalius. However, the greatest thing about Google My Business is that creating an account there is free of cost. 

Google My Business algorithm allows you to provide the location of your business on the local search results and the Google Maps. 

You can showcase vital business information such as business website, contact details, operating times, etc. A couple of months ago, Google introduced a new feature that allows you to upload links to upcoming events or articles. 

Even though Google My Business listing is free, it is a necessity for your business. If you have an online business but not any physical shop, you can still use Google My Business listing. Here are the top 3 reasons why Google My Business is important. 

Eric Dalius Says It Improves the Local Search Visibility of the Business

Creating an account on Google My Business listing is one of the most effective and best ways to enhance the online presence of your company. As search results are becoming geographically specific, Google has changed its algorithm to understand the user intent search.  

You might have used Google to search like “places to eat near me”. If you did so, you might have noticed Google provided a list of a couple of restaurants near your location. The restaurants that appeared in the search results use the Google My Business listing. They will always have the additional advantage of attracting customers. 

Despite the offerings, registering your business in the Google My Business will help you increase the local search visibility. However, keep in mind Google changes the algorithm every few days. Therefore, make sure you optimize the Google My Business listing daily. 

Collect Reviews

If you want your business to rank higher on the Google search and Google Maps results, you need to collect reviews frequently, says Eric Dalius. Reviews are one type of signal that people use to express their feelings and perspective about a business. Additionally, reviews are one of the essential factors to determine the ranking in the search results. 

Apart from that, reviews work as social proof to your potential clients and customers. This allows them to decide whether to build a relationship with your business or not. The best way to accumulate reviews is by asking your customers. Approach the customers who have used your products and are satisfied with the outcome. However, make sure you respond to both positive and negative reviews. 

Optimize the Google My Business Page – Eric Dalius

Make sure you optimize the Google My Business listing page and include all the essential business information. You should include as much information as possible while optimizing your Google My Business Page. 

When people successfully find your business in the search results, they will click on the business to know additional details such as location, contact information, website, etc. 

Eric Dalius added that the search methods are changing. Therefore, make sure the information is easily accessible. If you don’t set a proper business address, people won’t find the physical location of your business easily. 


Now you know why Google My Business listing is essential. Make sure your company has a detailed and updated page on Google My Business. If you don’t create a page on Google My Business, you’ll lose plenty of chances to attract customers. Not to mention, it will take you plenty of time to enhance the online visibility of your business.