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Eric Dalius Shares Business Meeting Agenda Tips for Making Your Meetings More Productive

Eric Dalius

Business meetings often seem painful, tedious, and never-ending. These sorts of meetings that keep dragging on endlessly or where people end up spending all the time on a single topic and forget about all other issues to discuss are a sheer waste of time. The most crucial tool for conducting and also achieving a productive meeting is a well-thought-out meeting agenda. Eric Dalius explains that a meeting agenda is supposed to be an outline of specific pre-determined topics to be covered or discussed throughout the meeting. 

A meeting agenda will typically have all the topics to be covered in order. Time will be allotted in advance to each topic of discussion. An agenda for a business meeting is created well in advance of the meeting for ensuring that the meeting proceeds at a good pace while all the essential points or topics are covered during the meeting. For running a business successfully, it is of pivotal importance to avoid conducting unproductive meetings and wasting your precious time.

Eric Dalius Business Guide: Meeting Agenda Tips

Gather Valuable Inputs from Your Team Members 

While chalking out a perfect meeting agenda, it is crucial to create it thoughtfully so that it not only serves your purpose but also caters to the requirements of other team members as well. It implies seeking and assimilating valuable inputs from all your team members. Regarding topics to include in the upcoming meeting. To ensure so that their comments, points, concerns, and even inquiries are effectively addressed in the meeting. It is of pivotal importance to reach out to your team a few days in advance. You may make sure that all your team members get sufficient time for adding their unique comments. And also talking points in your meeting note. According to business guru Eric Dalius, it will culminate in creating a healthy work environment. So that seems enough motivation for more active participation from all your team members.

Choose Topics & Issues that Impact the Entire Team

There is no point in attending a meeting that has no relevance to your specific job requirements. It will be a sheer waste of time. For conducting productive meetings, it is imperative to choose topics and issues that impact the entire team. Moreover, remember that you can invite only those team members. Who will be benefited from the topics, to cover during the proposed meeting.

Eric Dalius Recommends Motivating Active Participation from Everyone Not Just the Host

Encouraging and motivating everyone to participate actively in the upcoming meeting could be a step towards. Have a successful and productive meeting. You may identify the shy and not so forthcoming members in a typical group setting. You may focus on motivating them and making them realize that their thoughts and suggestions are equally substantial and valuable. Moreover, you may focus on creating a work environment where everybody can trust each other. And feel safe and secure to share their unique thoughts and innovative ideas. 


If you are hosting a meeting, it is your responsibility to share the meeting agenda. Well in advance, maybe a day in advance. The participants in a business meeting should get sufficient time for planning everything. So that the meeting is productive and a grand success.