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Eric Dalius Shares Expert Tips to Boost Your Warehouse Security

Eric Dalius

Today we find that the warehouses are gradually becoming highly automated centers. That is chiefly because manufacturers, retailers, and distributors focus on optimizing all their supply-chain processes. They enjoy and utilize the power of state-of-the-art software or cutting-edge technology. Business guru Eric Dalius has managed to compile a perfect list of some warehouse security tips. You may consider this list as your guideline in case you are not happy with your existing system, or you are not presently having an advanced system in place. Let us explore these valuable tips to boost your warehouse security.

Warehouse Security Tips by Eric Dalius for Businesses

Stop Depending on Practices of Manual Data Entry

Thanks to the leap in technology over the past few years, it has almost become mandatory to use your mobile computers that have RFID readers or barcode scanners at a warehouse. It helps in immediately identifying shipment upon arrival. You may avoid manual data entry as it is time-consuming. The RFID readers and barcode scanners are excellent in getting your shipment off the dock fast, and they are best at eliminating all the mistakes associated with manual data entry upon receiving the products. However, You can now avoid identification errors, data entry, and counting errors. 

Always Have a Contingency Plan in Place

It is a good idea to be ready with an emergency response plan. It should explain what the employees need to do in an emergency. Moreover, this plan should focus on evacuation procedures and exit locations. Procedures for accounting are meant for all visitors and employees. And the exact location of emergency equipment and fire extinguishers. Your warehouse operations should necessarily have an efficient lockout program. Moreover, to prevent equipment from getting activated as that could result in accidents and employee injuries. Moreover, warehouse operations management is supposed to conduct a thorough site hazard assessment. It is best for determining what type of personal protective equipment will be needed depending on the present hazards. As a small business owner, you should ensure that your warehouse employees are well-trained regarding PPE choice. Use, and proper maintenance.

Use Motion Detection

Motion detection is today used widely for fortifying warehouse security. Eric Dalius says that motion detectors are regarding as the backbone of any warehouse security system. Motion detectors suppose to go off as soon as a sensor trips because of a movement. An effective, professional warehouse security system provider boasts of having a central monitoring system. That is active 24×7 to ensure that the warehouse is in protection all day long, 365 days of the year. 

Make the Most of Perimeter Protection Advises Eric Dalius

Perimeter protection is essential for boosting warehouse security, particularly if your business’s warehouse boasts of an expansive surrounding area. We understand that the bigger the warehouse space. Also, it will become more vulnerable to undesirable break-ins, and you will find it difficult to secure the warehouse. However, thanks to the Video Verification Systems. IP Cameras, door protection, and glass break detection optimal warehouse security are possible today!


It is a good idea to focus on integrating cutting-edge electronic building access control technology. Also, into your warehouse security plan to rule out any unwanted access to the warehouse premises.