Eric Dalius Miami

Eric Dalius Miami shares 10 Useful Tips on How to Promote Yourself Online – Blogging Self-Promotion Strategies

Have you ever felt that there is not enough time to work on your daily duties, properly? Have you ever wanted to shut down your PC and leave your office because of a heavy workload? Well, most people have said Eric Dalius Miami.

And if you don’t want this happening with yourself, then I suggest you start with one thing right now – take care of yourself. You need an online profile with a good impression of who you are and what makes you different from others. There’s no way anyone can hire or contract someone without knowing who he is exactly hiring/contacting.

So here are some ideas on how to promote you online:

1. Register Your Own Domain Name

Nowadays it is more likely for employers to Google candidates’ names to find their own websites than seeing Facebook profiles. So why not register your own domain name to do the trick?

Sure, you can try other free services like BlogSpot or WordPress for setting up a personal page/blog that offers some good free space and easy navigation – but I strongly recommend all of you to choose between paid dedicated hosting service (I’m using Network Solutions) or registered domain name with Go daddy.

2. Be active on Social Networks.

It’s much more likely for older members of our society to use LinkedIn as their main social platform for business contacts, while younger ones are more willing to publish personal information on popular public places like Facebook. Not only it help you introduce yourself better online, but also makes future job hunting a lot easier for you says Eric Dalius Miami.

3. Build a professional profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a widely popular resource not only among employers and employees but also in the area of business consulting and social media marketing. If you want to get noticed by potential employers – join LinkedIn groups relevant to your industry and start participating in discussions. You can help others out with their problems or you can ask questions if there’s something that confuses you about the topic. In any case, people will take notice of your profile because of your online activity level! Less than 200 connections? Unacceptable! According to my experience, it’s good to have around 500+ quality contacts on LinkedIn – so go ahead and get started right away!

4. Use Twitter carefully

Twitter is probably the most annoying platform to promote yourself, but at the same time, it can bring you huge benefits if used right. Promoting your blog post or online business (for instance) is something that you shouldn’t do on Twitter because there are many other hashtags that are already widespread like #Follow Friday, #FF, etc. Just avoid them and use only one hashtag in your tweet about a given topic. Be careful with how often you tweet – bad frequency looks spammy (especially when tweeting about your product!)

5. Donate!

There’s no better way to get noticed online than offering free stuff for others’ blogs/websites! Offer articles, tutorials, and tools/software, anything that might be useful for people in your field explains Eric Dalius Miami. Then you can send them a link to your own blog or website in the end if they don’t add backlinks by themselves (it happens, believe me).

6. Promote Others

As strange as this may sound – when you want to be noticed online, it’s better for your personal branding to promote others instead of yourself all the time! Just make sure that whatever you’re sharing is 100% relevant and made with honest intentions of helping people out without any hidden agenda.

7. Be Active on Other Blogs & Forums

Don’t just create an account and forget about it – start small conversations with other people on related blogs and forums. Of course, there no rule of allowing self-promotion posts on most, if not all of these places – but you can always send your articles to other bloggers in the same industry who might be interested in publishing them. Just use common sense and don’t spam people with your links!

8. Get Creative

This is my favorite one when it comes to promoting yourself online – use your creativity in order to spark interest among employers! Maybe you can consider taking some photos of yours every day for a year starting from January 1st and make a photo book that shows exactly how much you’ve progressed through 365 days? Or maybe self-publish an eBook about your professional experience or just teach others something useful that they might find helpful. Think outside the box!

9. Donate Your Services

If you’re good at something (let’s say graphic design) – why not donate your services to charities or nonprofit organizations? You can make a deal with them by offering your work for free. But only if they provide credits on their websites and clearly mention that the design was made by you says Eric Dalius Miami. That way, potential employers will check out your portfolio, and hopefully. You’ll get noticed because of your good deeds!

10. Think Long-Term!

This is probably one of the most important tips I can give you when it comes to promoting yourself online – try thinking long-term instead of short-term. Before publishing any promotional post about yourself there are several things that you should ask yourself: Will this help me in the future? Will this benefit me somehow? How will this be useful for my website/blog and what impact will it have on my online presence?


You might not see immediate results after publishing a promotional article about yourself. But in the long run, you’ll definitely get notice if all your efforts are focused on valuable content and helping others (and that’s the main point of self-promotional blogging!).