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Top Benefits of Virtual Concerts for New Artists

You can host a virtual concert for free.

The COVID-19 pandemic really shook things up for people in the music industry. The implementation of social distancing measures in particular was devastating for concert halls because people could no longer attend indoor public events. Many artists also cancelled their tours for this reason, and this left thousands of music fans who were eager to see their favorite act perform live disappointed.

The pandemic did introduce one positive trend in the music world: Virtual concerts. Yes, the idea of thousands of people logging on to see a live stream of their favorite artist performing in their bedroom would have sounded ludicrous just a few years ago. However, virtual concerts are now a reality, and a very good one.

You might have logged on to see one of your favorite singers or songwriters do a virtual performance in the past year or two and wondered if you too should start hosting your own virtual gigs. Well, you might be surprised to learn that new artists can benefit from virtual performances in many ways. In this guide we will briefly go over some of these benefits.

1.     Not Paying For a Concert Hall

Performing live is an important part of being an artist. Not just because it allows you to experience the thrill of being in front of a crowd, but because it helps you get greater exposure. Plenty of people bring their friends and acquaintances to concerts and this helps new people discover your music.

While this exposure is important, many new artists can’t afford to pay the booking fee for concert halls. However, virtual concerts allow them to bypass this issue.

You can host a virtual concert for free by simply setting up the right performance equipment in your bedroom and streaming on social media. So if you already own this equipment, you won’t have to pay a single cent to hold your concert.

2.     Enticing New Listeners With a Free Show

While some big name artists might charge people to view their virtual concert streams using pricey website passes, others do not. If you’re a new artist, you can capitalize on the trend of hosting free virtual concerts for viewers.

This makes your performances more accessible for people. Therefore, your free performance will likely draw in a larger number of viewers than a paid performance. This exposure is incredibly valuable and you might gain a lot of new fans if you manage to put on a good show.

3.     Being Able to Perform for as Long as You Like

Another benefit of hosting virtual concerts is that you will have the freedom to perform for as long as you want. Most concert halls have a strict cutoff time after which they force artists off stage. You aren’t under any such constraint when you hold your virtual concert.

This means you can freely play as many songs as you would like. You can also take the time to answer fan questions in between songs and build a relationship with your fanbase.

Making the Most of Virtual Concerts

New artists should capitalize on the virtual concert trend if they want to get ahead in the digital era. You really don’t need many resources to host your first virtual concert, so consider setting one up and expressing yourself musically on the digital airwaves.