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Why Artists Should Opt for Quality Rather Than Quantity When Making Music

High-quality music for artists

The world is becoming more music savvy than ever before, and it’s understandable that artists want to produce as many songs as they can to stay on their fans’ radar. However, the quantity factor does not guarantee popularity. Unfortunately, most artists learn this lesson the hard way.

On the other hand, high-quality music takes time and patience. Sometimes too much time and patience results in bigger problems for the artist. So, how does an artist balance the quality vs. quantity factor without wearing themselves out? The balance does not refer to choosing one over the other when it seems fit. No, the quality of music always trumps the quantity. Following are the reasons why quality is more important than quantity when making music:

The Memory Factor

As humans, we appreciate things that play on our heartstrings and become cherished memories that we can revisit later in life. We are hardwired to pick memorable things, and music is one of them. When an artist produces songs one after another, they lose the quality factor by becoming predictable, something most people do not like in music.

The fans may appreciate the artist but won’t remember the songs because they all sound the same. When they listen to a new song, they expect it to be different from the artist’s last song–a ‘quality’ one can’t achieve with quantity.

In contrast, a song or music piece that becomes memorable comes from a different place than the need to produce music to expand the portfolio constantly.

Building a Fanbase

If you want your music to gain random listeners each time you upload a new song, then quantity is right. However, those who want to gain a fanbase that appreciates their genre, writing, music production, singing, etc., need to focus on the quality of their music.

And by quality, we mean that you understand your genre and target audience better than others. When an artist focuses on a particular genre and refines their skills, it becomes easier to connect with the people who like their music style.

Preventing Exhaustion

When quantity becomes your goal, you focus on the wrong accomplishments that only lead to exhaustion and sometimes dislike for your art. Musicians, lyricists, authors, and other artists face this issue quite often. Sadly, most of the time, it’s due to overwork that does not produce great results.

As an artist, you should be inclined to enjoy your music as much as your listeners. You should love the process of making music and cherish those memories, so when the piece becomes a hit, you have interesting stories to tell your fans. It helps them understand your process and inclination towards creating good music.

Final Words

Focusing on quantity leads to the wrong goals and priorities in life that often leave an artist feeling underachieved. High-quality music prevents that feeling by making the entire music production process meaningful.

However, that is not to say that you spend 2 to 3 years creating quality music that never sees the light of day. Prioritizing quality does not mean that you disregard quantity–there should be a right balance. Be active in your music making, but value quality over quantity.